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James Burn EX Hi-Speed Automatic Punching Series

James Burn EX Hi-Speed Automatic Punching Series

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JBI EX Range

High-Speed Automatic punching machines

  • 3 formats available with max. punching width of 610mm
  • Real punching speed of up to 120,000 sheets per hour
  • Available in 3 versions: Double Action, Punch Anywhere, Duplex with straight reception for boards
  • Wide variety of punch tools (interchangeable with JBI EPX700) including Wire-O®, Calendar, Ringbinder, Plastic Spiral, Corner Perforation

What is the JBI EX RANGE?

The world-renowned range of JBI EX LHERMITE automatic punching machines is designed to accommodate the widest possible punching and shape applications on loose leaves. Simply, efficiently and very, very quickly.

Product Highlights
  • Punching, perforation and tab-cutting available in one machine
  • Paper can be loaded continuously without stopping the machine
  • 3 reception options available
  • NAIL HOLE PUNCHING MODULE now available for suspension hole for wall calendars
  • DUPLEX: with a double reception system and board feeder for card
  • DOUBLE ACTION: For perforation, tabs and/or corner perforation
  • PUNCH ANYWHERE: Can punch holes even in the middle of sheets
Ideal for:
  • Notebooks
  • Ringbinders
  • Diaries
  • Calendars
  • Manuals

Business owner benefits

The fastest and most flexible, versatile punches available on the market today for standard punching operations as well as more specialist applications. Fast tool and format changeover in its class allows the JBI EX punch to meet all of your punching requirements.

Operator benefits

Due to the automation of the paper feed trays, permanent operator presence is not required. Easy access to the punch tool and format changes means minimal disruption in changing from one style to another. High pile reception unit option allows the operator to load the machine with paper and walk away.


Due to the various options available, quotation issued on request.

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